Monday, 27 October 2008

Which? Rates LCD Televisions Highly

There is no swimming this week at the old school - half-term - so I shall be visiting the gym instead. I spent twenty minutes on the rowing machine today.

This afternoon, we drove down to the library. I wished to have a look at the Which Magazines. They did a review of television sets in their September 2008 edition and it was encouraging to note the following:-

  1. Panasonic TX32-LZD80 84%
  2. Panasonic TX32-LXD85 76%
  3. Panasonic TH37-PX80B 74%
Sony's Bravia 40" set came in at number 20 with 65%.

So, according to the independent Which panel, the Panasonic LCD sets beat the lot. That's good enough for me. I'd prefer to trust them than the marketing clap-trap churned out by manufacturers and retailers.

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