Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Too Mean To Waste Five Pence!

The Dowager and I have just returned from a brief sortie into central Belfast. The main sales floor of Ross's, the auctioneers, was closed again. I parked the two-seater in Upper Arthur Street. Taking the opportunity to pay a visit to Marks and Spencer, I made a bee-line for their food hall in the basement. At the far end, where the puddings are located, an old buffer asked me for help in locating bread-and-butter puddings. Incidentally, he strongly recommended the M&S porridge too! I didn't notice any particular evidence of false teeth.

In the event, I bought Cornish pasties, salmon en croute and Cumberland pie; all for the freezer. At the check-out till, I'd forgotten that Marks and Spencer charges 5p for plastic carrier bags. I certainly didn't intend to waste any money on that, so I carried the items back to the car, under my arm! I imagine that, were I a regular patron of theirs, I'd remember to bring shopping bags with me.

Ergo, if you spot anybody carrying food out of Marks and Spencer without a carrier-bag you'll know the reason why!

Incidentally, Their Ulster stores aren't going to endear themselves to me by marketing "the Best of Irish" on placards in their food-hall; the Best of British would be more appropriate! That was the sting in his lordship's leathery tail!

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