Sunday, 5 October 2008

Bird Feeder Replenishment

It's a fine autumn morning and I have replenished the bird feeders in our front garden. I was slightly surprised to see that the peanut feeder was still two-thirds full.

Amongst the usual pile of junk mail awaiting me, there was a type-written letter from the owners of a lovely young cat called Molly, which had disappeared. I know Molly. She visits us regularly and she is quite a character; full of beans.

I was somewhat concerned to learn of Molly's disappearance, so I phoned her owners up; and, to my relief, Molly has been found. She had wandered into the garage of number 36 and remained locked in for three days! Molly was fine - just hungry. What a relief.


Power Up Love said...

This is great reading, by the way I also have a cat that's full of beans by name of, Bango.

Timothy Belmont said...

Give Bango a big hug from me!

We had dear Charlie for 21 years and I still miss her. She died 2003.