Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Brand New Insult

The infantile misbehaviour by Messrs Brand and Ross ought not to have occurred. The BBC should have effective procedures in place to ensure that this sort of silly behaviour never happens. I like Jonathan Ross. I consider him a most talented, competent and disarming presenter; his prowess in communication in boundless. He should have known better. By the way, Mr Ross is an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).

I have no time for Brand. His kind of humour is puerile and the man himself is unshaven, camp and often incomprehensible. Were they both sober when Mr Sachs was contacted? It's a reasonable enough question. One wonders whether they were under the influence of something.

Fawlty Towers is one of my most favourite comedy dramas. The cast, including Andrew Sachs as Manuel, is utterly impeccable. I have the two-series DVD box set.


Cadiz said...

The BBC are horrendously arrogant, it would take me 15 minutes to reolve that issue in the uSA, several careers would stop, move to cable or radio,

I had a teleconferrnce with a major Summer Camp the other day, I was running through extremely complex multilayered waffle about Brit vetting, the director stops me,

"Can they hide NASUWT membership?"

That's America, as far as he is concerned they're all banned. And why not? The NASUWT is barely a step above NAMBLA in philosophical terms, in child protect terms, no difference.

John Self said...

I quite agree, Timothy. Reprehensible behaviour, entirely unexpected of Ross (on whose talents I also agree with you) and entirely predictable on the part of Brand. I shall miss Ross's Saturday morning radio show for the next twelve weeks.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello John,

Jonathan Ross seems, to me, to be basically a decent family man who has an immense talent. I imagine his remorse to be equally immense.

I don't watch many of his shows these days; buy I'd be happy to do so!