Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Euro Factor

Preferring to use cash instead of plastic whilst abroad, I usually bring an abundant supply of currency with me and, on this occasion, it was the ubiquitous Euro. I brought hundreds of them, thinking that I'd have an ample supply and some left over for my next European trip. I was wrong. I dined out the whole time and frequented various restaurants, not all expensive at all. Indeed, there is an American-style diner called the American Burger Bar in central Corralejo where a full meal of half a roast chicken, salad, chips, fresh roll and mayonnaise costs merely €4.50 - and I visited it several times. I ate at half-decent restaurants about four times. I usually indulged in a drink or two during the evenings. I bought provisions in supermarkets; actually, the only thing I really purchased was a pair of Crocs flip-flops.

Despite this, I managed to bring home a mere €47. It's becoming considerably dearer to holiday abroad in the current economic climate. This factor is bound to have a knock-on effect re tourism in countries like the Canary Islands.

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