Friday, 31 October 2008

Brown And Purple Do Not Mix

Almost every time I see our dearly-beloved Prime Minister on the television he is sporting a purple tie. Does he, or his confidantes, really believe that for someone as dull and boring as himself wearing a purple tie will make any difference? Presumably the colour purple is fashionable this year.

Talk about mutton dressed as lamb...

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Cadiz said...

In fairness to the man, if he falls overboard, they have to take precautions,

I mean if the Queen has to review ships in the maritime equivalent of a crane or JCB, what hope is there for rescue?

I think Her Majesty has to be congratulated, for making do,

if General Lee can be prominently in the line at Petersburg with an embarrassment of nothing,

if it is good enough for the old dominion, it has to be good enough for a re-badged Hanover.

Where do the batteries go, with those ties?