Friday, 24 October 2008

LCD Or Plasma?

I visited a local television dealer this afternoon; I'm interested in one of the brand new Panasonic Viera Freesat TVs: the TX-37LZD81.

This television is just starting to arrive in showrooms; in fact, the dealer still has the one I'm interested in, in their warehouse! He asked me to contact them at the end of next week when it would be available for a demonstration.

There was a 32" high definition LCD Panasonic playing a Blu-Ray disc and, I can tell you, it was astoundingly impressive; the best picture I've ever seen, possibly.

The LCD seems to be, technologically speaking, a reasonable choice because I fancy a 37" screen. It consumes less electricity too and is lighter. It seems to be the state of the art. They must be very confident about it too, because there is a five year warranty, I was informed.

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