Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Movilla High School Dispute

What, on earth, has happened within the past few decades to our schools, when a pupil assaults a teacher and is not summarily expelled? Is there a faint whiff of the so-called Human Rights Act? Who wants the Human Rights Act, and how does it affect me?

Why do teachers feel so threatened and un-supported by their school, governors and the Department when they are forced to strike?

When a major incident like this occurs and the Department of Education, the Education Board and the School have clearly abrogated their responsibility to colleagues and staff, my wholehearted support is for the teachers. We must demand that the pupil in question is expelled. It is a proverbial no-brainer.

Little wonder society no longer seems to exist in the United Kingdom. The Human Rights agenda of the present government is exposing them as hypocritical, when criminals - like young people who assault teachers - get more support than decent members of society. Why do anti-social thugs appear to receive more support than everyone else?


Stephen Barnes said...

Couldn't agree more! By not expelling the pupil, the Governors are putting themselves in a very dangerous legal situation: lets say the pupil attacks another teacher next week, the governors failed to act to protect the health and safety of their employees and the teacher in question would be right to seek compensation for damages.

I've just ended 8 years as a school governor and I would not be happy being in the situation those governors are currently in because of their liberal views.

Why the f*** has legal action for assault not been instigated????

Timothy Belmont said...

Clearly there are fundamental issues here, which go far beyond such disputes.
Is Society so scared of legal action or litigation that they are moved into a state of paralysis?
What causes the Judiciary to be perceived as being more on the side of anti-social thugs than decent, upstanding members of Society? If this is perceived as being the case, and the Judiciary only carries out the will of the Legislature - in other words Parliament and the Government - the buck surely stops with Government, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I done some UN related work on this. The NASUWT has no right to expel anybody, they got roasted by the Lord Chief Justice in relation to David Bell,

we have this stuff in NI because when it goes wrong, it is better for the NASUWT. One must hope Ruane (who is under notice) does the right thing.

The only issue the NASUWT have is the decriminalization of pupil/teacher sex, all leveraging, envelope pushing, relates to List 99 referrals.

Ruane was asked to ban sex offenders from schools because of the NASUWT, sex offenders are not banned from working in schools in NI as of this moment.

I've worked on the NASUWT re: UBCRC issues since that strike in Lisburn. I was asked to do that on behalf of a UNCRC committee member.

Lobbying by the NASUWT in London, all about sex with kids, it is the number one issue on their 'to do' list.

Any drum banging out in the sticks is often about that and in NI most of their activis relates to the issue.

If we legalize for them, to sotr out their List 99 stats, we have to legalize it for foster parents and care-workers.

The probs the NASUWT has, relates to schoolgirls and that is what they want to fix.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of List 99 referrals, most relating to the NASUWT,

you need to take a look at the type of person being re-cycled into Ulster's schools.

The NASUWT doesn't have a problem with criminals and sex offenders in the staffroom does it?

So much for naughty pupils!

Why can't kids have a 'human right' not to be taught by sex offenders? Why doesn't somebody suspend them forever?

You need to tell the NASUWT that sex with schoolgirls is not going to be decriminalized, that is what they really want, they feel they need that to happen,

it is the only thing they have pitched in London since 2004. They do not talk about anything else with the 'big govt.'

Anonymous said...

"Why the f*** has legal action for assault not been instigated????"

The NASUWT don't like the police, you know what the rozzers are like. They show up because of a bit of vandalism,

and before long they are arresting teachers for child porn. It is best to have a zero-policing regime.

We have to remember, the NASUWT do more sex and drugs crime than a small city, obviously, they like to keep the cops outside the fence.

Their so-called first false allegation was drunk and naked in front of her pupils at the time of the disputed incident.

Do you think the UN doesn't notice extremely bizarre when it is all over the newspapers?

That kind of teacher is a staple diet for the NASUWT.

Thereafter, the exhibits just got worse.

The last 'false allegation' relating to Ulster splattered his semen over the classroom furniture.

What did DENI say about it? Did the little lying schoolgirls plant the evidence?

It is a bit silly for teachers to have higher standards for the pupil demographic than they do for the staffroom.

The British teaching profession is a revolting exercise in 120 years of covered-up sex abuse.

They do one Kincora each and every week! It is endless.

Timothy Belmont said...

The local education & library board (SEELB) has supported the governors in their decision not to expel the pupil. Let us have some transparency here: why was the pupil not expelled; and why does the SEELB support them?
The SEELB should be ashamed of itself, in being so unsupportive of its teaching staff. It is suggested that some of its senior staff be suspended without pay.

Anonymous said...

get the facts straight before commenting. The so-called assault was of an extremely minor nature; the pupil served a suspension; the so-called incident dates back to May and amounted to the pupil pushing past an out-stretched arm This pupil was under extreme emotional strain owing to fmaily bereavement. The trade union has put several extreme conditions on the negotiations. More to the point, the Board of Governors, the SEELB and the Department of Education know all the facts. Most MLAs know all the facts and there are very, very few voices with the facts at their disposal supporting the teachers.

Timothy Belmont said...

No, the Mass Media has a responsibility to tell the general public the facts. If what you say is true, Anonymous, it ought to have been aired in a more transparent fashion, particularly by BBC Northern Ireland.
How can we be expected to know the facts if we are not informed of them?

Anonymous said...

The NASUWT took an incident, which was not really an assault, and tried to spoof people into going along with a fabricated issue.

They do it all the time going back at least ten or twelve years.

The union are corporate child abusers.

My advice is *never* believe what an NASUWT person says, if you take that advice you will be well served.

I've worked on NASUWT issues for years, they are just spoofers. It is one fake issue after another.

They want to legalize abuse of trust, they are serious about 50 year old teachers having sex with schoolgirls.

That is their number one issue and has been for years. The NASUWT are about legalized sex with schoolgirls, that's their mission statement.

Anonymous said...

"If what you say is true, Anonymous, it ought to have been aired in a more transparent fashion, particularly by BBC Northern Ireland."

THe NASUWT writes the reportage, so a shocking assault was in the papers, eventually as the truth leaks out, the BBC and Belfast Telegraph quietly reveal the assault didn't really happen.

A typical NASUWT assault as it were, they are corporate child abusers, they really are, you can't trust a single word that union says UNLESS,

they are asking for legal sex with schoolkids, they're serious about that, they need it legalized because of the hundreds of their members caught doing it each year.

The union is a disgrace to the teaching profession. They are in the child abuse business.

Timothy Belmont said...

I've heard people talk about domestic child abuse and abuse in a few care homes; never child abuse by a trades union or a school.

Teachers, I gather, are not permitted to even touch a pupil these days, let alone slap or cane them.

A return to corporal punishment is needed; there is a total lack of discipline nowadays.

I'd never use the term "child-abuser" which is rather emotive at any rate.

The real "child-abusers" are parents who neglect their children and a minute percentage of care-home workers, in my view.

I am not a teacher; nor do I belong to a trades union. To brand any organization in such terms is, to my mind, dangerous and nonsense.