Sunday, 30 November 2008

Divis: Frosty And Misty

If I'd peered out of the window and glanced towards Divis, this morning, I'd have known that it wasn't quite the same there as here! Visibility up there was down to barely one hundred yards. There were about a dozen vehicles at the National Trust car park. I donned my hiking boots along with Russian hat, gloves, fleece jacket; oh, and my camera!

I didn't walk far at all. I ambled to the Long Barn, on the right, which is surrounded at the front by a temporary security fence; I've a feeling that it'll open in the New Year. It has been very well restored by the NT; even the slates are from the old barn itself. The Trust has landscaped the area and there will be lavatories also.

Divis Lodge, on the left, which is a short distance away from the barn, still has temporary roofing to keep it dry. No sign of restoration work beginning there yet. I hope they'll make a start on it in 2009.

About next Tuesday, the 2nd December: a modest reminder that it is Lord Belmont's Official Birthday!

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