Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tesco Pay-At-Pump Works!

I re-fuelled the two-seater whilst at Tesco's this morning and, remarkably enough, the new pumps with their "2 minute faster" pay-at-pump facility actually work. In my experience, the original ones were unreliable and forever suffering glitches. Not so, on this occasion. I inserted my Clubcard and debit card; it was accepted; I was prompted to re-fuel; asked if I wished for a receipt; and away I drove!


Mick Stella said...

Not a big fan of these. Here in Belgium most petrol stations are like this. Except the damn machines never work, even with a Belgian bank card. They're so automated here that there normally isn't even a shop attached to the filling station. I would steer clear of supermarket petrol too. It's cheap for a reason. Stick to Esso/BP/Shell. Esso opposite Palace Barracks is handy. And the 2 seater should be run on 98/99 RON Super Unleaded since it's a performance car. But I'm sure you know that ;)

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks for the tip! It's a wonder Tesco Empire hasn't taken over the petrol stations in Belgium. Yet.


Owen Polley said...

I don't suppose you can activate the 5p off that comes on the grocery receipt?

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha ha ha!

Old money-bags Tesco spent a few million quid changing the pumps at their forecourts and now, Amen, they finally seem to work! As long as they work, I'll use the pay-at-pump method. :-)


Mick Stella said...

Tesco - Belgium! Chance would be a fine thing. I have to catch the Dunkirk - Dover ferry once a month to stock up on "real" food. Still, I'd rather be here and paid Euros at the moment as the UK declines.
Incidentally, avoid the filling station over Craigantlet. My Uncle's 6 month old 5 Series now needs £600 of engine work due to dodgy diesel from there.

John Self said...

Hm, I wondered why Craigantlet petrol was so cheap. I've often wondered too how the filling station on Grand Parade manages to charge consistently about 2p per litre less than the supermarkets. I used to do some work for petrol station proprietors and was told that they made no more than a penny or two per litre on petrol (their profits came from the shop), so how Grand Parade can undercut Tesco is a mystery.

Incidentally, it's a Maxol opposite Palace Barracks rather than an Esso, isn't it? Though I suppose they may both be owned by Exxon/Mobil, the big bad guys of the oil industry.