Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Greetings To The American People

I wish to send my heartfelt compliments to our American cousins at this auspicious time. As an outside observer, maintaining impartiality, I am also pleased to offer my congratulations to the United States President-elect, Mr Obama, and his family.

I truly hope and pray that our two great nations, the United Kingdom and the United States, continue to foster the historic partnership and special relationship.

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Cadiz said...

The historic problem is that they have to say fan tazy dozy when UK Inc. appoint a KGB spy to run MI6. It is the same thing today,

I've copped a temp job from a Democrat Illinois research project as a gesture to my loyalty to bubbly creek.

The democrats sent one over in 2002, her family copped statehood for Michigan, founded a shipping line, and became Irish when they hit Chicago, as one does.

What did she find? Oh yeah, the Brit security services were protecting pedophiles. It was really embarrassing. A pedophile who doesn't do teaching, has to get SB and the NCIS to spot him a billet.

That is what she found. later I told her the Brits were playing off Iraq against FBI child porn packets. Yes, teachers and judges.

The first question, for the ILlinois democrats, is, how did DENI check for sex offenders in 2006 when every single LEA in England Wales are now admitting they didn't have any records between them?

It is an interesting question, why did the BBC, Belfast Telegraph UTV or somebody not spot that?

It looks like a bit of a miracle job for Angela Smith MP who carried out this interesting survey.

it is not looking too good for Ruane who has been incredibly silly enough to rely upon it.

My little cabin in Vermont depends on me aggressively asking questions, previously politely put.

It is a bit late in the day perhaps, but it was a bit of a nuisance having so many US agents murdered because the Brits can't do vetting,

of anything, especially MI6 employees and teachers. I'm happy enough, after Abu Ghraib, my previous job lacked credibility, I felt as if I was in the NASUWT.

One Brit teacher did hundreds schoolgirls in Illinois, Indiana, Chicago, Wisconsin.

Not good.