Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Insertion Of Tongue In Groove

A careless plumber butchered three of our landing floor-boards in August, thus leaving some without any bearer, or supporting, wood underneath. They seem to use circular electric saws to cut sections, spoiling the integrity of the plank.

Prior to the new carpet being laid, I thought I'd try to repair it myself so, towards this end, I visited the B&Q store. They had tongue-and-groove planks at about £3.84 each, so I bought three and took them home with the hood of the two-seater down.

I have just fitted them this morning and it seems to be a good job. Being a service area - the landing has piping - I really ought to have drilled holes and screwed them down. Instead, I lazily hammered nails into them! I can only hope that they remain there for many decades and a cowboy plumber doesn't damage them again.

I'm not used to that type of work. Now I need a rest!

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