Friday, 21 November 2008

Fancy A Good Cornish Pasty?

I have always relished Cornish pasties. We holidayed, about twenty-four summers ago, in a tiny hamlet called Ludgvan, near Penzance, and used to visit the pubs in St Austell, Mousehole and other towns where I could indulge my tastes.

More recently, I have sampled pasties from all the usual suspects: Tesco, Ginster, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury. However, I have made a discovery: Sainsbury's sell large, hand-crimped Cornish pasties from behind their meat counter, at about £1.89.

We shared one this evening. It was the best Cornish pasty I have eaten for many years indeed. It's hard to describe its flavour, but I instinctively liked it.

I'll buy several the next time and put them in the freezer.


Cadiz said...

Ecclesia de Ludewon, when we get it back, with the heretics slain, leaving that justified slaughter to one side, freezing pasties! I do doubt the legality and the wisdom of that venture. I'll give the Sainsbury's effort a go at bought temperature

Timothy Belmont said...

They freeze well; you can even heat them directly from frozen! I prefer to thaw them slowly, or overnight. This cost less because it takes less time in the oven.