Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Unable To Sleep Sir?

Chatting to an old friend on the phone the other day, he told me that he took three Nytol tablets during a long-haul flight; and that they proved effective. I was impressed and resolved to try them myself.

I'm a fairly light sleeper. I have periods when I can get off to sleep OK; and, at other times, I find it difficult. So I ambled in to Boots the Chemist's yesterday and purchased a packet of Nytol One-A-Night tablets (£4.99 for 16).

I took one last night and, to my surprise - hey presto! - it worked. It knocked me out till about seven this morning.

We revisited Ross's auction-house, yet again, this morning. I'm looking at a smallish, wooden television cabinet. The store-man told me that it was sold; however, aware of my continued interest, he explained that it had been sold to a dealer; and that it had been lying there for weeks. He advised me that the dealer might well sell me it for a tenner or so; and to return to them on Friday.

I'll be in Town again on Friday, because I require three gold rings to be resized - made larger - and I am obtaining estimates from my original goldsmith, Bill Steenson, and others.


John Self said...

We got our engagement and wedding rings at Steenson's. Not cheap, but easily the best among all the rings we viewed.

Timothy Belmont said...

I took my Number Two to Vine's at Holywood Road. Mr Vine, if that is his name, said that my ring - 22ct gold, very heavy - was "bizarre" and he couldn't re-size it himself!
It may cost around £25 to resize each ring - I'll use that figure as a yardstick and I'll be in Town tomorrow.