Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New Television Arrival

It's up and running! The delivery men installed our new television yesterday afternoon. Despite its weight being 22.5kg, the gross weight as stated on the box is 28kg. They advised me to keep the cabinet from the old telly. It's not an ideal solution, from an aesthetic viewpoint; however, it hides the cables and provides a more appropriate place for three set-top boxes.

I am unable to receive Freesat because, although I have a satellite dish and Sky set-top box, I shall need a "twin LNB" connector to connect the cable directly to the Freesat plug on the telly, as well as the connection to Sky. Finlay's quoted me £125 to do this; and my local technician, Adrian of Ultrabeam, quoted a more reasonable £80 for a "quad LNB". He can fit it next Monday.

Little Dorrit will have to wait till then before I can see her in glorious high definition!

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