Monday, 17 November 2008

Oleograph Arrival

The picture I ordered about a month ago from Brookpace Fine Art has arrived. It was well packaged and quite heavy; reams of bubble-wrap and the corners were protected by reinforced cardboard.

We are pleased with it; except that one corner of the frame has been damaged, presumably in transit by the Royal Mail. A small piece of plaster, about the size of a finger-nail, fell off while I unpacked it.

I naturally considered returning it, although admittedly I have been most reluctant to do so given its considerable bulk. Fortunately I still have a small bottle of gilding powder which is a good match for the frame. It is applied manually. I diligently glued back the piece of frame and re-gilded the surrounding area. The result is most satisfactory and inconspicuous, since the top of the frame, eight feet up, is difficult to see at any rate!

I have contacted Brookpace and apprised them of my action; and that I shall be keeping the oleograph.

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