Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fine Dining At Christmas

My birthday falls very close to Christmas; and I usually prefer to dine at a restaurant which offers an a la carte menu - not just a Christmas menu.

So far, I have a mental short-list: Beatrice Kennedy's (perennial favourite); Balloo House (excellent chef - Danny Millar); and Alden's. I am discounting Deane's because I understand that a modernization has occurred and it is now entirely minimalist (correct me if I am wrong).

I shall need to make a decision, and a reservation, quite shortly. The trouble for those of us whose birthday falls at Christmas - and who prefer a hushed and reverential atmosphere in restaurants - is that it is often busy and crowded with office parties at that time of the year.

In the past, I have postponed dinner until the new year; or opted for lunch instead.

I'll be in the metropolis for a few days in January too.


John Self said...

All excellent choices, I think. We are also fans of James St South (and were there last weekend for Mrs Self's birthday), though it is quite minimalist in decor (though isn't Alden's, too?). One which I definitely recommend too is Hill St Brasserie, opposite Nick's Warehouse on Hill Street. I have never had a meal there which didn't delight.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks for those tips, John. I have gone ahead and booked BK's. They have a new website too now.