Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Most Famous Plough In Hillsborough

I was ready for some respite from Marks and Spencer's Twenty Per Cent Day at Sprucefield today - it took ten minutes to find a parking space; and fifteen minutes to queue at the till!

I motored further south, in the direction of Hillsborough, County Down, one of Northern Ireland's finest villages; and it boasts some of the best pubs too! Hillsborough is probably most renowned for the Castle, a rambling Georgian mansion which is the official residence of HM The Queen when in NI; I gather the odd Secretary of State has squatted there occasionally too (that was a joke!).

Hillsborough is a firm favourite of mine. We used to visit it several times a year, if only to have lunch at one of my favourite pubs: the Plough Inn. Making my entrance at about 12.45, I was greeted by the familiar faces of the regular waitresses. Very friendly and welcoming.

I sat in a corner and, without further ado, ordered the Hawaiian Plough Burger, accompanied by garlic chips; and swallowed it all down with a glass of mango and apple juice. The burger was obviously home-made: uneven in shape and crumbly in texture. It came with fried onions, a slice of fresh pineapple, salad and sauces. The chips were very chunky (as usual, I'd have wished for more garlic). It was good.

Incidentally, I noticed another diner tucking in to thick, home-cut Belfast ham with cheese mash which looked delicious. Perhaps I'll have that the next time. The bill came to £10.35. What a great place, the sort of lounge-bar I like. Cosy, opulent, bijou, quite unchanged or unaltered so it has a timeless appeal too.

I hope to be back soon.


Owen Polley said...

The Plough usually serves some very good guest ales if you get a chance to visit without the car.

Timothy Belmont said...

It's a fine place, isn't it? Wish I could spend an evening there. Without the car!