Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Brief Encounter In Donegall Place, Belfast

I ventured in to Ross's auction-house in Montgomery Street, Belfast, this morning in order to see if the main sale-room on the first floor was open. Still no joy there. They don't appear to have had a general sale on the first floor for several months. There was nothing of interest on the ground floor today for me.

I ambled through Marks and Spencer en route to Donegall Place. It was remarkably quiet; in fact, as quiet as I've ever known. Crossing the road, and taking the escalator up the the Belfast Visitor bureau, I picked up a few 2009 eating-out guides; then headed over to the retailer Next, where I recognized the familiar face of the greeter - or whatever those people are called who stand at the entrance to certain shops, welcoming customers and trying to generate more trade for their employer.


judy said...
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Anonymous said...

why have my commemts re 'brief encounter in Donegall Place' been removed?
Comments were not abbusive or inappopriate

Timothy Belmont said...

Sorry, I didn't, and do not, like the tone of your comments, which I feel are inappropriate. Obviously people are entitled to their privacy. Having reviewed the article you allude to, I have decided to omit the woman's Christian name altogether. Her surname was never mentioned in the first place.

This is my personal blog. I have the power to edit, post, or delete anything I like.

If you don't like reading my blog, or if you find anything else offensive, I suggest you simply don't read it again.

Anonymous said...

I await an answer to my blog re 'Brief encounter in Donegall place'

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, What exactly is it in the article that you object to? To anyone else reading it, it all seems quite innocuous.

It was written quite a while ago, in good faith; and the details are all accurate and true. If any particular fact is untrue, let me know and I shall remove it.

Clearly it's more significant to you than me.

Timothy Belmont said...

I've read the article again and agree that it's a bit gossipy and inappropriate for my blog.

Accordingly I'm happy to remove it.

Anonymous said...

Lord Belnont -first and foremost blog 18.05 was not mine!
Re. 'Brief encounter in Donegall Place ' comments may seem innocuous to many but I cannot fathom why you felt it necessary to publish so much detail about the lady and her husband's past business.No doubt you may decide to delite this comment.Best Wishes

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, consider it done! Sorry if it caused you any offence, as it was never my intention to offend anybody.

Regards, Tim

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your magnanimous gesture re .'Brief encounter in Donegall Place'-
"Least said easiest amended"

Good night God bless