Thursday, 12 February 2009

Visit To Belfast City Hospital

The Dowager had a routine appointment at Belfast City Hospital this morning at 9.45, so we left home at five to nine cognizant of the rush hour.

Having arrived at the hospital at 9.25, a half hour journey, we were fortunate enough to find a parking space immediately. We walked into the lobby, where I requested a wheel-chair. It was ordered but, after ten minutes, we decided to walk instead! How easy is it to get a wheel-chair in this hospital? Perhaps they require a day's notice!

Everything went well after that, although the doctor was half an hour late and saw us at 10.15. No apology, of course. On the other hand, if we were a half hour late they'd politely tell us to get lost. Mustn't grumble, I suppose.

We motored on from the hospital and up Lisburn Road, turning at Balmoral Avenue where I stopped at the Public Record Office in order to collect a photocopy - £5.45 - of a large map. I've had a look at the copy, and it's vaguer than the original; some small details - like springs and wells - are unclear. It must be a case of "original is best", presumably.

I 'd intended to drive on to Fulton's for lunch, but it was too early so we just came home.

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