Monday, 9 February 2009

The Spong Meat Mincer

I was rummaging through a box in the cellar the other day when I happened to find our old meat mincer. It's a Spong 301 model, manufactured in Basildon, Essex.

The main body of it is painted white, with four rubber suction pads on the legs. The rest of it seems to be cast iron or steel in construction.

I have a feeling that I endeavoured to use it many years ago and, for some reason, I became frustrated with it and put in moth-balls, so to speak. I'm going to give it another go.

While my aunt was in the doctor's surgery this morning, I strolled in to the local supermarket and made for the meat counter, where the butcher was trimming beef. I inquired as to whether he had any chuck or blade steak - which he answered in the affirmative - so I bought a half-pound of lean blade steak which I intend to cut into chunks and feed into the Spong-beast.

It's all very well for celebrity chefs performing in television studios, what with everything prepared in advance. They do not have to clean and tidy up afterwards; there is such a mess, too. Cognizant of this chore, I shall have to wash and rinse the Spong-beast afterwards, as well.

I think I'll use the mince to make a cottage pie; or even real hamburgers.

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