Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Earldom Has A New Chip Shop

As Earl of Belmont, Viscount Sydenham and Baron Ballymisert I feel it incumbent upon me to inform readers that my domain has a brand new fish and chip emporium; namely, the legendary For Cod & Ulster. That is correct; that's its name. It opened yesterday, that's Monday the 9th February, 2009. At lunchtime today, I noticed about two dozen Ashfield schoolchildren queueing outside.

The proprietor has another branch at Albertbridge Road; this one is at 301, Holywood Road. Forty years ago, the premises operated as a pharmacy (McCollum's). For Cod & Ulster is now wedged between a hairdresser at the corner, and a Chinese takeaway at the other side. The Boulevard newsagency is at the end of the block.

I wish For Cod & Ulster well. They shall be aware that their primary rival is John Dory's chip shop, which is further up the road. In his lordship's experience, John Dory's is very good and will be hard to beat. Nevertheless, I hope they are of, at least, an equal standard; or even surpass Dory's if that is possible.

I might give 'em a go on Saturday evening. Watch this space. By the way, if anyone has eaten there, do send a comment.


Anonymous said...

they also took ocer the hot spot in ballyhack just hope thefood is better that one on albertbridge

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Timothy Belmont said...

They'd need to be consistent; it's vital!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Fryar Tuck (Bloomfield Roundabout) man myself. Consistency is provided by the fact that it has had the same proprietor since I was a child. Best chips around in my opinion.