Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Full Bay Tree Fry, Please!

Despite the Arctic weather we are experiencing, the Dowager and I motored over to the Bay Tree coffee-house in Holywood, County Down, this morning; the purpose being to meet up with my aunt and an old friend for coffee. I'm fond of this place.

I managed to get a parking-space in the little car-park at the rear of the café. Inside, the others all had the usual cappuccinos accompanied by the irresistible cinnamon scones; while I treated myself to the celebrated Full Bay Tree Fry.

This substantial feast takes the form of two lean, back bacon rashers and a fried egg; a good-quality sausage; half a tomato; a good portion of fried, sliced mushrooms; a half slice of fried wheaten-bread; a half slice of potato bread; and a piece of soda bread.

I had to wait a little longer for this, because it is freshly cooked and definitely not too greasy. It's worth waiting for. It looked delicious and, having devoured it, I can attest that it tasted equally delicious. Bearing in mind that the ingredients were all of a high standard, it was £5.95; just the ticket for keeping the old human boiler well stoked up during this freezing weather.

On the way out I spotted another regular, who happens to be a former, very senior civil servant and a KCB - Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath!


Anonymous said...

That breakfast sounds tasty.

Now can you tell me of anywhere that is open to serve such a breakfast on a Sunday Morning?
Down south is it is quite common to go out for morning coffee/breakfast on a Sunday.

Timothy Belmont said...

The Bay Tree! According to their website, they open on Sundays for meals. It would be best to check first, though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim!