Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dump And Be Damned

The good citizens of Belfast have received some substantial correspondence from Belfast City Council, asking them for advice about proposed, new "waste treatment facilities" in the city. They want to utilize reclaimed land on the North Foreshore in order to build either a "mechanical biological treatment" (MBT) plant; or an "energy from waste" (EFW) plant.

How on earth do they expect me to advise them about that? I'm not a scientist, nor am I obsessed with "green" issues. The rate-payers elect councillors who, in turn, recruit qualified staff to make such decisions. I dare say that they feel the rate-payers should have a say, given its likely exorbitant cost. How much would it cost, by the way? The financial estimate is not even mentioned in their questionnaire.

The EFW plant seems to be a more expedient proposal, since it can generate electricity. How should I know? One thing I do know is that the whole exercise is costing the rate-payers a ruddy fortune.

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Anonymous said...

Yes we received this literature as well. I think they're going to do some road shows which may explain things a little better.