Thursday, 26 February 2009

Which Farl?

We're having a mini Ulster fry this evening, one with a twist: Potato farls, eggs, fillet steak and wheaten farls.

I spotted the wheaten farls on the supermarket shelf. They sound healthier than the more traditional soda farls. I cannot say whether they'll taste similar or not yet.

One throw-back to my school-days is the sad fact that I squirt tomato ketchup liberally at the side of the plate. Still!


O'Neill said...

No! Resist at all costs!
From bitter experience, wheaten farls simply are not up to the job of absorbing all that eggy grease.

Timothy Belmont said...

Too late! I sat down to it earlier and the wheaten ones taste like...wheat! They haven't the same flavour as the soda ones at all.

So, accordingly, I said: "The magpies will eat them". I whacked 'em out the back door! :-)