Monday, 9 February 2009

Made In Belfast

I've just read an interesting review by a fellow-blogger, John Ferris, who is enthusiastic about a restaurant in Wellington Street, Belfast, called Made In Belfast. John and his companions enjoyed a meal of Lancashire Hot Pot with red, braised cabbage; County Down venison burger; and fish-finger sandwich.

I have had a look at their menu and it does seem worthy of further investigation, viz. a visit from his lordship some lunch-time.

When I was a young lad wearing the distinctive Brackenber House uniform of grey and scarlet socks, grey shorts, scarlet blazer and scarlet cap ( and I must have stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb), the Dowager used to take me to a little restaurant in Wellington Street called the Piccolo. The site now forms the back yard to a bank which and has unwittingly become infamous for the great Belfast bank robbery which took place there some years ago.


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

I enjoyed a lunch there last year.

Timothy Belmont said...

And I posted a comment about your visit too, Alan! I said I must visit it then; and I told John Ferris the same. Slap on the wrist! I still haven't got there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahh the Piccolo. It was upstairs right? I remember their cheese toasties as the height of sophistication, circa late 70s.