Friday, 20 February 2009

Dig Those Bovver Boots!

I am not keen on Lidl supermarkets in Northern Ireland, for ideological reasons; not because they sell inexpensive products, nor that they are a German business. I object to the perceived sense that they do not treat the Province in the same way as the rest of the United Kingdom; hence the Republic of Ireland web address they use, .

Nevertheless, I visit them occasionally. I called in today, in order to buy a loaf of bread; and as I ambled further along the aisle some pairs of safety boots caught the lordly eye. I fancied a pair of steel toe-capped boots for my dry stone walling.

I found the appropriate size and tried 'em on. Fine. Better still was the price: £14.99! There must be a sweat-shop somewhere churning them out. There is no mention of China on the confusing, multi-lingual labelling.

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