Thursday, 19 February 2009

Made In Belfast

I was in Belfast this morning, in order to collect a book from W H Smith about dry-stone walling. I'm interested in the craft and I'm on a National Trust dry-stone walling course at Tullyratty.

I subsequently walked over to Wellington Street and lunched at Made In Belfast. This was my first visit, though I've read about it on other blogs. The waiter promptly showed me to a table near the counter and I ordered the venison burger on very thick toast accompanied by onion marmalade, blue cheese and chips; with a glass of apple juice.

This is a fascinating bistro. It exudes lots of character. It is definitely worthy of a visit occasionally. My meal arrived within ten minutes and it was served on a sort of wooden chopping-board! The chips were served separately in a tin enamel mug. Most amusing and imaginative.

It was quite busy when I was there, though there were some tables available. My meal cost £11.75. I meant to add that the meal was most enjoyable, as were the staff. The helpings are substantial.


Owen Polley said...

Good the food may be, but that dreadful, bloody annoying website and its self-description would discourage me from ever going. Excuse my French, but what a lot of fecking wank!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Molly's still awaits the pleasure of my company; hope to pay it a visit soon.

Timothy Belmont said...

Chekov, I've had an insatiable thirst all afternoon! Must have been a modicum of salt in the meal.
I'm invariably lethargic after a big lunch these days. Senior moment perhaps. Don't know how some of these business people can indulge in boozy Power Lunches! :-)

Owen Polley said...

I've long since jettisoned my previous habit of a couple of lunch time pints on a Friday for similar reasons!

Timothy Belmont said...

Many's a time I spent lunch-hour at the Roost with colleagues, scampi, chips and gin! :-)

That was the eighties.