Saturday, 8 March 2014

Botanic Visit

Upper Crescent

This morning I paid a brief visit to Upper Crescent and Lower Crescent, the main prupose being to see the state of what has been, perhaps, the city of Belfast's grandest terrace.

Lower Crescent

A number of the buildings are in fair condition; though, as one can see, many are in an awful state.

13-15 Upper Crescent

I have singled out numbers 13-15, at the end of Upper Crescent. This block is in a deplorable state.

Let us merely hope that the owner of this property is proud of themselves.

5 Lower Crescent

I was quite astonished to see a For Sale sign on Number Five, Lower Crescent, beside The Fly bar, which states that there is planning consent for demolition.

They cannot be serious, can they? Institutional vandalism?


Anonymous said...

It would be awful to lose these buildings. They are like Regent's Park's Nash terraces in miniature. Such a rarity in Northern Ireland. Well done Lord B for bringing this neglect to light. VC

Anonymous said...

not oviThis is number 7.
From the agent's site:
"The subject property benefits from full planning
permission (granted 11 September 2008) to convert the
existing accommodation to a licensed premises, to include
demolition of the rear return and rebuild with the retention
of the existing facade onto Lower Crescent (Application
No. Z/2007/2076/F).
We have been advised by the Northern Ireland
Environment Agency that the subject property is Grade B1

Timothy Belmont said...

For what it's worth, I emailed this article to the Environment Minister's private office, and sent a copy to the UAHS.