Thursday, 30 October 2008

Oil Delivery Incontinence

We finally received our heating oil delivery today, at lunchtime. At long last; since it was ordered on Monday. I've been using the same company for two years and, in fairness, it has been reliable.

They have changed their delivery schedule policy since my last order, though. It used to be well within 48 hours for standard delivery; now it is three days. Without going into the details, this is unsuitable; not least because we have an elderly steel oil tank and the gauge is inaccurate.

Moreover, one of the drivers has a dose of acute incontinence in oil trade parlance. He dribbles it all over the place and we clear up the spillage afterwards. He explained that the opening on our tank was too small for his oil-gun or whatever it's called. Strange. It has never happened with other drivers. I think he's simply careless or negligent, or both!

I have sent them an email to complain. However, this may well cease to be my preferred oil company. Some companies are flexible and will fill up the tank, if they are given an approximate amount. That would suit us fine; then I could order oil before the gauge shows empty and goes off the proverbial radar screen! I'll check this local oil comparison website in future.

I had a delicious meal at Fulton's today. It was very busy. I had home-made mince tart with dressed salad and coleslaw; followed by lemon meringue pie with whipped cream. What a place.

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Cadiz said...

I remember watching an oil tanker steering into Beirut, it was actually carrying gasoline, when the radar lost it, the guns pounded as per visual direction, the little ship kept going, I met the captain, drunk as a skunk and charmingly rich, he dribbled, I think his little ship was a lady of a certain age.