Saturday, 18 October 2008

Oleography: Replication Of Art Works

Several years ago, when I visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, I purchased an oleograph painting reproduction of the Kitchenmaid by Vermeer. I thought it looked very well indeed; a decent-looking frame doubtless making all the difference. The oleograph process seems to work particularly well on canvas. It was made by a company in London, Brookpace Fine Art.

If you have been following my latest postings, you'll know about my Grand Project. Cognizant of this, and its imminent completion, I have been giving serious consideration to buying another picture with a classic frame. The frame is a lot dearer than the oleograph itself! I don't want it to look too pretentious, so I thought a still life of summer flowers would look well in the hall.


njgdekker said...

Hi there,

Did you ever buy that oleograph from Brookpace?

I too purchased a Vermeer one from the Rijksmuseum and absolutely love it, and am now thinking of buying a framed one from Brookpace directly, possibly with the same frame as you have pictured.

Would be interested to know whether you bought it, and if so how it looks.



Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Nick,

To be truthful, I was disppointed when I received the item: The frame was damaged at the corners, parts had fallen off.

I managed to glue the bits together, then mask the cracks with gold paste stuff I got in an art shop.

I's have been within my rights to return it, though it was so bulky etc that I managed to "fix" it myself and now it looks fine on the wall.

Simply be aware of this and check the terms of transit with them etc!

Best wishes,