Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Connswater Shopping Centre Extension

I do not particularly like the kind of modern, glass and chrome TV cabinets sold widely nowadays. They are functional, I suppose; they can be bought in Wyse-Byse for about £40. I'd prefer a reproduction wooden one, or an old cabinet table which could take the set-top boxes. Decisions, decisions.

I made a brief sortie to Connswater Shopping Centre, in east Belfast, today and the new extension and entrance is now open. The food hall upstairs is not open yet; and there will be branches of Burger King, the Streat, Subway; and a noodle bar called Yamotze. The new entrance is much more spacious and a good improvement too.


Cadiz said...

The Yamotze wasn't available for the Battle of Midway because of a noodle shortage,

I've not noticed the word before. Are you sure you got it right?

My expertise in Japanese was limited to selling them thrash metal albums,

I cut some of them in the old laquer room beside the Dover Castle Public House.

Right beside the Chinese Embassy, many a day I sat beside Chinese diplmats as they sold cheap railway engines to African despots.

How on earth can you take a Nigerian out with less than fifty quid? They use to go real happy when their monthly container arrived,

I suppose that had their version of the soda farl on it. That was the day they smiled.

John Self said...

I only ever visit Connswater now to use the Halifax. Now that Eason has gone, it holds no other appeal for me. Eason closed because it couldn't compete with Tesco on super-discounted books, stationery and so on. Another reason to be wary of the great supermarket monster. (That and the fact that the havoc it is wreaking at Tillysburn junction made me give up my homeward cycle commute as they took away the cycle path pavement!)

Timothy Belmont said...

Snap, John! I visit the Halifax BS there too, to use the "hole-in-the-wall" machine. They issue BoE notes.