Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Signet Ring Tightness

For many months, one of my little fingers has become a bit swollen - at the knuckle - and this has been caused by a signet ring. The ring has always been a rather neat fit; and obviously the trick is to have it neither too tight, nor too loose.

My finger is presently swollen to the extent that its removal is difficult and painful. I shall have to take action; it has gone on for too long. I'll visit a local jeweller for some advice. I wonder how much they'd charge to polish off the inside of the ring a touch?


Stephen Barnes said...

After a nasty car accident in Ibiza I needed my wedding ring enlarged by 2 sizes. McNeilly's in Lombard St charged me the princly sum of £22 to have it enlarged. The ring was cut, a new piece of gold inserted and the whole thing buffed up to a shine that made me think it was a different ring! Luckily the engraving on the inside proved it wasn't.

Timothy Belmont said...

Would you have known that it had been resized at all?
I'm just back from a visit to my local jeweller, Vine's, and he estimates £15-£20. He asked me to wait a few weeks, till the swelling has eased.


Cadiz said...

I think that all sounds quite reasonable, one has to pay that whenever the cabbie sticks his hand out