Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blog Advertizing

I have been approached by some sort of agency, inquiring as to my interest with regard to their clients using his lordship as a kind of conduit to market their business.

It seems to work whereby I'd be contacted by the agency to write an article - a form of advertizing - for a particular company. I'd be free to accept or decline; though, if I accepted, I'd get paid an unspecified sum, probably dependent on the amount of visits generated.

I am reluctant to become involved in such an enterprise. As I state on my profile, I am totally independent and free from sponsorship. I hope and trust that readers appreciate this principled stance.

I do endorse products and companies, via my Food Heroes and By Appointment To labels; however, I do so independently, without sponsorship, reimbursement or any favours.

I place a strong emphasis on the integrity of this blog. That remains my position.

What is your view?


The Fat Builder said...

Tim - you can always say you don't like the stuff.

Timothy Belmont said...

Morning FB,

Of course! Sometimes I think I'm too polite for my own good.

That would be one sure way of ensuring that a particular company doesn't use me again! :-)