Monday, 28 September 2009

PM Medicated?

It is only human nature for any ambitious person, whether on the lowliest rung of the ladder or at the summit of their career, to deny taking any form of medication - especially for anxiety or depression.

I had an awful bout of anxiety decades ago, when I had just started a career in banking. I was prescribed that old stalwart Diazepam, also known as Vallium. Even then, and in such a junior position, I said as little as possible; didn't tell the branch manager I was on medication; and my doctor scribbled something vague on the note, like general debility!

The unfortunate fact is that many view it as a sign of weakness. I, personally, consider this to be an unfair prejudice. It is more complex than that, in most cases.

The current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was asked by a senior broadcaster whether he was taking medication at the weekend. Naturally Brown denied this. I have absolutely no idea whether he is on medication, or not.

The irony is that he may well feel more vulnerable, now that he has been questioned about it; and has had to deny it.

In the long run, it is most likely the best policy to be honest about it, rather than economical with the truth. Of course I can understand why he feels the need to deny it; worse still that it may all be a mischievous smear.

The PM has denied it; so will speculation and suspicion persist? There are many from within his own Party who would wish him to go; even more so, perhaps, than those in the Conservatives and from within the electorate.


Sandy said...

You will have noted that he said the word "no" and then went rambling on about his eyesight, an entirely different subject.
If he cannot see the importance the country may place in the mental health of it's leader he really is not fit to be there.
From the Tory viewpoint he must, however, stay.
At least the Lord of the Dark Arts will hopefully stop him doing anything too dangerous!

Timothy Belmont said...

Pop Brown is a master at changing the subject! Little wonder he rarely gets grilled by Messrs. Paxman, Humphries, Dimbleby et al!

I missed the Interview; had no idea he was even being interviewed.