Monday, 14 September 2009

Waitrose: By Royal Appointment

Waitrose, Limited, is one of the few grocers which hold a royal warrant. Waitrose's warrant is as grocers, wine and spirit merchants. They are a company that doesn't seem to advertize hugely on television, which isn't a bad thing at all. Their competitors, including Marks and Spencer; Sainsbury's; Tesco; Asda; the Co-Op; and Morrisons all promote themselves widely on commercial television.

A mere four businesses currently hold royal warrants as grocers: Darville & Son, Ltd; Partridges; Fortnum & Mason PLC; and Waitrose Ltd.

Waitrose could, of course, plaster their warrant all over their stores, bags and company vehicles. However, unlike Harrod's, which used to exploit its royal warrants (till its Egyptian owner fell out of favour with the Royal Family), Waitrose is seemingly more modest.

I see that Waitrose has just agreed a deal with Duchy Originals, one of Prince Charles's companies.

It's a pity that Waitrose doesn't have a presence in Northern Ireland.

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