Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bluetooth Failure

I have set up the Bluetooth connection easily enough on the main computer and the netbook. It acknowledges the link; and my mobile phone initially connects, then it almost immediately disconnects!

I have a feeling that the problem is with the phone. What a confounded nuisance. It seems that I shan't be able to send images by Bluetooth from the phone to the PC.

I'll take the adaptor back to Argos for a refund.


PeterC said...

Bluetooth connections can be notoriously temperamental - and not all Bluetooth devices are compatible. Have you checked the bluetooth settings on the phone; some phones have an option where they only remain visible to other devices for a short time to prevent the Bluetooth being accidentally left on (which could have security implications). Try all possible combinations of settings on both phone and computer before giving up!

Timothy Belmont said...

I've exhausted everything, I think. I have spent a few hours attempting to get it to work. I tried both computers and thought I almost had it on the netbook, till I tried to send an image from the phone and it continually failed! I've tried hidden visibility, partial, and unhidden; I've even downloaded nokia PC suite. Nothing can connect to the mobile!

I just must accept that it's quite a basic phone without the latest technology (not even a port to connect a cable!).

I'll continue to take pics with my camera and forget about the camera on the mobile.