Friday, 25 September 2009

The Nutty Earl

Hallelujah, Praise Be to God and thank Heaven! My favourite peanuts are on the shelves at last. About time too. I stocked up on them last spring; however, they swiftly became depleted by the month of May.

I just cannot get enough of these KP Honey Roast peanuts. Why are they only sold on special occasions, like Christmas and party times? I think KP - United Biscuits - are missing a trick here.

Well, I was at the gym this morning. In the spa-bath afterwards I flirted - Yes, flirted! - with a couple of nurses from Musgrave Park hospital. Feminists, avert your eyes now. We laughed and chatted; and I cheekily declared that I'd been watching Carry On Matron recently featuring the wonderful Hattie Jacques; and I preferred nurses in the uniform they wore twenty years ago. We all had a good laugh when I asserted that the former attire was sexy and suited the female figure more.

They both agreed with me, by the way.

Back to the peanuts: I bagged four large containers, which were on offer; and the sell-by date is January, 2010. I fancied a few bottles of plonk, too; along with Bakewell Tart; Twinings tea; tonic-water and other stuff.

Those of you who are eagle-eyed shall discern the opened bottle and glass of wine.

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