Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Strangford Lough Map

This chart provides a useful guide to the National Trust islands and properties surrounding Strangford Lough in County Down.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, that's a great help.
Earlier this summer I was on Pawle island, just off Ringdufferin. It is another beautiful spot on Strangford, especially when the yellow irises are in bloom. Have you read Michael Faulkner's book "The Blue Cabin: Living by the Tides on Islandmore"? It is a pleasant enough read and was clearly written by someone with a deep affection for the Lough.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello J,

Many thanks for your comment and information.

I have heard of Pawle Island, though I don't think I have visited it. Is it a NT island? I'll check.

Indeed, I have read Mike Faulkner's book and enjoyed it. He has a Blue Cabin Blog, if you Google that on the Web!


Timothy Belmont said...

Pawle Island is, it seems, privately owned.

It has had connections with the Mackie family; though I think it is now owned by a family called Hamilton.