Sunday, 20 September 2009

Drive To Glenarm

We enjoyed a most relaxing and leisurely Sunday drive up the County Antrim coast to Glenarm and Carnlough today. The sun shone and many cyclists and bikers were taking advantage of this warm September weather.

Our first stop was at the charming little village of Glenarm, situated directly beside Glenarm Castle, the seat of the Earls of Antrim. We drove into that part of the Estate where they run a tea-room. I peered into it and it, too, seemed charming. Just as you'd expect of the Antrim family, particularly Lord and Lady Dunluce who live in the Castle now, it appears immaculate, neat, tidy and the staff are smartly dressed.

The Antrim monogram is pictured to the right. Click and enlarge it to see the finer detail and coronet of an earl.

We didn't stay for tea, though we were tempted. Instead we motored on, in the baby two-seater, along the coast towards Carnlough. I strolled into McKillop's confectionery store in order to treat the Dowager to a home-made ice-cream. We parked outside the Londonderry Arms Hotel, whose Coach-house bar was doing a steady trade in lunches and snacks. Incidentally, I noticed that scampi and chips cost £12.50 - £2 cheaper than Sweeney's bar in Portballintrae!

So now we are safely home. I must take the baby two-seater to Agnew's in the morning for a suspected oil leak.

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