Monday, 21 September 2009

Traffic Misery

I'd forgotten how busy the Sydenham Bypass in Belfast can be at eight forty-five on a damp Monday morning. This traffic congestion was compounded, not to say aggravated, by yet another hold-up on the West Link caused by a "collision", according to the digital sign.

In the event, it took me almost an hour to drive from east Belfast to Boucher Crescent; and these circumstances, combined with an oil leak in a brand new car which is a mere three months old with 1950 miles on the clock, did not greatly amuse me as I indicated to the assistant who booked my car in.

They asked me whether I could do without my car, should the part be out of stock. Most inconvenient, I intimated. Hopefully the part will be in stock, if the baby two-seater requires a new part.

Agnew's would need to collect me at home, by taxi; give me my car back; then I'd need to return the car to them when the part arrives. Alternatively, they could pay for my taxi bills or lend me a car.

Oh, and, by the way, while I was stuck in the traffic this morning, the petrol gauge went from a quarter full to the reserve of 0.5 litres; and down to 0.45 litres, which it stands at now in Agnew's.


Sharon Owens said...

I know how you feel, we spent six hours in the car on Saturday, going from Belfast to Enniskillen and back. No delays as such but it's not any fun to be stuck in a car these days. Yes, my husband also has this problem dropping off the car for a service - he has a taxi meet him at the garage - a faff if there are any hold-ups with checking in the car!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Morning Sharon!

Waiting patiently (eh?) for a call from Agnew's to keep me informed of progress.

Watch this space!