Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mr Monk

I've been taping an American crime/comedy drama series this week on BBC Two called Monk and watching it during the evening.

If you're reading this, Sharon, I can confirm that I do not suffer from OCD! Detective Monk suffers from the disorder, though this is, strangely, to his advantage in solving the crimes due to his meticulous sense of perception.

I have seen two episodes: Mr Monk And The Captain's Marriage; and Mr Monk And The Big Reward.

It's quirky, and I like it for that. The characters are likeable. Has anyone else watched it?


Sharon Owens said...

Glad you like it!!!

I think it's a lovely series, very quirky and courageous, and miles better than the dreary slice-n-dice UK offerings, which frankly just put me off my tea.

I also love Seinfeld.

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! I see it's on again at 3 on BBC2 today. The thing now is getting round to taping it! :-)

Internet Traveller said...

Across the pond, they are airing the final series I believe. Today's episode was particularly good! Nice to see fellow fans.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi, Good to hear from you. Indeed, I watched an episode about him and a murderous astronaut yesterday!