Sunday, 27 September 2009

Swimming Resumption

Like the proverbial duck to water, my swimming has resumed at the old school. I am still swimming two hundred lengths per week. I have no idea, but I imagine that my lungs must be relatively strong due to the constant holding of breath whilst skimming through the water free-style.

I simply adore swimming. I find it truly therapeutic, whilst gently exercising a multitude of muscles. I have probably been swimming two hundred lengths weekly for fifteen years. Prior to that - since the late seventies - I swam fewer lengths.

I was chatting to one of the NT volunteers on Chapel Island yesterday. She told me that she swims quite regularly in the open sea. I'd be keen to try that; except I'd need to be encouraged! The best I could manage recently was a tentative walk into the sea-water at Portballintrae till the water just covered my trunks! Thence I turned on my heels and walked back.

That blighter, Belmont, has feet of clay I hear you exclaiming.

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