Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Avatar Revisited

I booked a ticket for the movie, Avatar Special Edition, online with Moviehouse Cinemas in Belfast. One adult costs £5.50.

I'm keen to try Wolfe's burger restaurant at the new complex in Dundonald and, cognizant that the Eire cinema chain, Omniplex.ie, is there, I checked their prices: one adult - £8.30, including a booking fee! Could this be the Irish Republic's euro factor!

Wolfie can wait.


belfast cabby said...

Wolfe's was a treat last time i was there I had the Parisian burger which was possibly the best cheese burger I have tasted!!

The Omniplex is expensive but it is always very clean and the picture on screen is superb as they have digital projectors.

Timothy Belmont said...

I'm looking forward to trying Wolfe's. I've been going to the Moviehouse cinemas for over a year now. I think they, too, are very good with all the latest cinematography.
They're better value and locally owned too!

John Ferris said...

Hope you enjoy Wolfe's when you get there...I've had one good, one bad experience!

Timothy Belmont said...

I'd forgotten about your visit there,John. Must check your index!