Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dental Fortitude!

I have just returned from a session with my dentist, having had a temporary crown fitted. The permanent one will be fitted in two weeks' time. By Jove, it was a major undertaking: I sat in the chair for an hour. Seemingly another part of the original tooth broke and the gum was affected, too. The hardest bit of the ordeal for Timothy Belmont was endeavouring to keep the mouth wide-open! And holding that suction kind of appliance, too, became an endurance test.

I am saddened to learn of the situation re the Choir of Belfast Cathedral. It would be a shame if the Choir's high standards were ever to be affected. I do hope that this can be resolved for the best interests of the Cathedral. I am given to understand that the decision was ultimately taken by the Lord Bishop of Connor, the Right Reverend Alan Abernethy.

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