Thursday, 12 August 2010

Crowning Glory

On the eve of my departure to County Fermanagh last Sunday, I rather annoyingly cracked a tooth. I was chewing a mint imperial and when I heard the crunch I naturally - though incorrectly - assumed that the noise emanated from the sweet. A back tooth broke in half vertically, causing a sharp edge.

Although it hasn't been painful at all, its sharpness has caused irritation to my tongue; so, this morning, I purchased some chewing-gum and plugged it temporarily with that.

I phoned the surgery as soon as I arrived home and, thank goodness, my dentist was able to see me this afternoon.

I require a crown which, I've been advised, shall cost ca £390. Ouch. Actually I already have two crowns and I've had years of trouble-free satisfaction from them.

My appointment for the fitting is next Wednesday. That seems quicker than before: can crowns be made as soon as that? Presumably so, nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

Crowns can now be done in one visit to the dentist.