Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fermanagh: Day 3

I had a lighter breakfast this morning, viz. tea and toast. Without further ado I jumped into the baby two-seater and headed in a northerly direction to Ely Lodge Forest. I must have had a forty-minute walk there, I imagine; and Ely Lodge itself could only just be glimpsed in the distance.

Thence I drove to Necarne Castle, which is beside Irvinestown. Necarne is, sadly, in a poor state, roofless and neglected. It would make a splendid country house hotel.

Having arrived at Castle Archdale, I made for the old courtyard where there is an exhibition of wildlife and the Estate during the 2nd World War. There are two fine stained-glass windows on display, salvaged from the manor-house prior to demolition.

On my way back to Enniskillen I stopped off at Riverdale, hoping to find an old photograph of the big house which once stood there (Archdale Baronets); and I was absolutely delighted to encounter a reader of my blog! We had a lengthy chin-wag, reminiscing about the old County families.


Lord Ballygowan said...


Did you notice the impressive modern stone house on the left hand side, as soon as you enter the Necarne estate? I wonder if that is owned by the current generation of Irvines?


Timothy Belmont said...

I missed it! Must have been distracted by traffic or whatever.