Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Domestic Chores

What a fine sunny day we're having. There have been persistent yellow weeds growing from the front guttering and, with autumn fast approaching, I decided that decisive action was required. Cognizant of this, the said guttering was cleaned this morning.

A large conifer bush was also removed in the front garden. It wasn't really fulfilling any purpose, was affecting part of the lawn and had become too big. A small chain-saw was used to remove it.

I have an appointment at my eye clinic tomorrow morning, in order to have my right eye lasered (the left one was already done a few months ago).


coolkat said...

I love your blogs - keep them up.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks! You've no idea how encouraging that is.


coolkat said...

I just discovered your site a few days ago and find it absolutely fascinating - love the mix of real life posts v the historical posts on the landed gentry. I have lots of catching up to do reading the older posts.