Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ethereal Lamb Rump

I have enjoyed an absolutely delectable meal. I bought Lamb Rump with a sweet Honey Roast Parsnip, Rosemary & Breadcrumb crust in Marks and Spencer. I followed their instructions and whacked it in the oven at 170c for twenty-five minutes; had it with small, new potatoes tossed in Jersey butter and chives; with broccoli; and a Perino tomato, for good measure.

What was the lamb like? Sumptuous! Lean, tender, finely trimmed, no fat and I ate the lot.

The bonus is that there were two pieces and I still have the second piece in the freezer.


pippakin said...

I have lived in Mayo for almost five years and I really miss Marks & Spencer. Hmmm.

Timothy Belmont said...

Where is your nesrest M&S? Galway?