Friday, 6 August 2010

No Car Change

Thank goodness I left the car showroom, went home and had time to ponder yesterday afternoon. Seeing that little two-seater "warts and all" and "unprepped" offered me an opportunity to see what it was really like; and how it had been treated by its previous owner.

I still cannot quite fathom why a 10,000-mile car has had two tyres changed, despite the claim that there had been punctures. The tyres on any new cars I have owned have lasted for many years indeed.

I want a very clean, privately-owned, Benitoite blue - a dark shade apparently pronounced ben-ee-toe-ite - Mercedes-Benz 200 SLK automatic with very low mileage. High specification, too.

Another factor was the trade-in price I was offered for the baby two-seater: absolutely ridiculous, to my mind. I would say that, I hear them clamour. I'd sooner sell it outside on the public highway, with a large For Sale sign, than sell it to Agnew's at the price they offered me. The price differential to change was too great.

I shall bide my time and keep an eye on the Internet. There is a nice-looking SLK for sale at a Mercedes dealership. The snag is that it is in Dorchester!


Lord Ballygowan said...


Plenty of tasty cars here for you to ponder over:


Timothy Belmont said...

Watch out for my piece about Rich Hill this afternoon, J!

Stephen Barnes said...

If they've had two tyres changed due to punctures, they're most likely Run-Flats. Every puncture you get will cost you £180-ish.

I've got run-flats. Never again.

belfast cabby said...

A wise decision as always

Timothy Belmont said...

Just need to beware that insurance isn't affected re modifications etc!

Ought to be OK, though. I had run-flats on the Z4. Got a puncture once and wouldn't have known, except for the warning light!

Was able to get it repaired at Gilnahirk tyres.

Neil said...

I suffered the harsh ride of run-flats on my Z4 (plus the cost of a new one at £250 due to a puncture), until the happy day came when they need replacing.

One set of non-run flat Goodyear Eagle F1s later, and the ride of the car has changed beyond recognition. The fact that non-RFTs are 2/3 the price of run-flats in as added bonus.

As a backup I've got a can of tyreweld, a small compressor, and AA membership - the belt & braces approach.

Stephen - get your tyres changed from run-flats when they need replaced. Most insurance companies don't care, they just ask if you're changing the size of the wheel. Best to phone and let them know, though.

davethewineguy said...


Long time no speak

I have a guy who specialises in Mercs secong hand and is a very good friend and fair too!

I can send you his name and place of work privately if you wish

Timothy Belmont said...

You will find this hard to believe, Dave, but I was thinking I hadn't heard from you for awhile this week. It's true.

Indeed I'd be interested in your friend's contact no. Just a wee bit concerned re warranty and guarantee etc though we could discuss that!

Any chance of contacting me at the "contact me" link to the left? And I'll talk.